Every coder – I guess – has its personal projects where the main objective may not be to produce something useful but rather to extend the knowledge and poke at new technologies, solutions, methods and what not! I’m no different and if by any chance some of the stuff I make is useful to anyone I’m more than happy to share.

Pike Modules

Pike may not be the most widely used programming language, but in my opinion it’s one of the finest. Pike is what’s under the hood of Roxen – the CMS we’re using at work – which is why I came in contact with the language.

At the Github repository I mainly develop Pike modules relating to social networkning – OAuth module, Twitter, Facebook, Bitly and more – but also a (not full) implementation of SOAP and WSDL.

In time I will create a site about the Pike Modules where I will put examples of usage etc.

Sources at Github


I’m currently not working on PLib at all.
I’ll just leave the info here for legacy reasons though.

PLib is my personal PHP framework and is kind of an abbr for “Poppa PHP Library”. PLib has it’s own site so I’m not going to rant about it here too much. I think there are som classes in PLib that’s rather uniqe or at least very useful. One class I’m particularly proud of is the Image class which can be used to scale, crop and manipulate images in different ways. Here’s an example of how you could create evenly sized thumbnails wether the original image is a landscape or portrait:

6 lines of PHP
  1. $dir = new Dir(‘/path/to/images’);
  2. while (($file = $dir>Emit(‘*.jpg’)) !== false) {
  3. $img = new Image($file>path);
  4. $img>Copy(‘thumb-‘ . $file>name)>CropCenter(400, 300)>Scale(120, 120);
  5. }

Rather elegant I think!

Visit the PLib site | Sources at Github