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Firefox Domain Swapper


Domain Swapper

This is a Firefox extension that let’s you swap the current URL between various domains. This is useful for web developers who work with replicated servers where the URLs are the same but the domain names differ.

Once installed you can just right-click on a page and Swap domain will appear in the context menu.

NOTE! The .xpi file extension is just a zip file so the sources is available just by renaming the file to and then unpack it.

Firefox Domain Swapper extension 17:38, Wed 22 June 2011 :: 11.8 kB

Roxen Application Launcher for Linux

For those of you not knowing what the heck Roxen’s Application Launcher is here’s a brief explanation: Files in Roxen CMS is stored in a CVS file system which means that you don’t deal with files the way you normally do. To manage files you use a web browser interface (which is a darn good one I might add) but sometimes you actually want to edit files in your standard desktop application. And it is here the AL comes to play. You can download a file through the browser interface so that the file is opened in the AL. AL will then open the file in the desktop application you have associated with the file’s content-type. When you make your changes and saves them the AL will directly upload the changes to the server.

So in short I could have said: The Application Launcher let you edit files on a remote Roxen server with your preferred desktop application.

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Roxen Application Launcher 2.0.3

The Vala sources is available at the Roxen Application Launcher Github repository.